The pieces in this section are Colin Tudge’s blog pages, which are moving here from the Campaign for Real Farming website, and we have also included some of the comments on the blogs that were first published there.

The articles are:

As they say in Yorkshire, The Royal Society should think on  (27.05.2016)

Micro-dairies: Today – eccentric. Tomorrow – the norm  (24.01.2016)

Inequality and the price of food  (24.01.2016)

Farming needs entrepreneurs – but beware!  (05.01.2016)

We can’t control floods – or drought! – unless we involve the farmers (31.12.2015)

How farming can lead the world out of its present mess  (13.11.2015)

Britain’s milk, India’s cotton, and a world economy disastrously off-course (11.08.2015)

Do we need a “New Agrarian” Party? (08.05.2015)