The College for Real Farming and Food Culture

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A complete rethink of agriculture and all that goes with it

The College for Real Farming and Food Culture has but modest ambitions:

To establish Enlightened Agriculture aka Real Farming as the global norm – farming that is expressly designed to provide everyone everywhere with good food without wrecking the rest of the world.

To encourage complementary Food Cultures, without which Real Farming has no context.

To achieve all this by a people-led Agrarian Renaissance – a rebirth: starting the world’s agriculture again from first principles.

Why bother? Simply because the kind of agriculture that now prevails worldwide is leading us to disaster on almost every front. Everything needs to be rethought: not just the details of husbandry and cooking but the underlying infrastructure (economics, politics, law), and the kind of science we really need, and the moral principles that should guide everything we do, but now seem to be sidelined. More: we need to bring all the different thoughts together to form a coherent philosophy. Coherence is another essential that has gone seriously missing.

This website is just one component of the CRFFC – it is the college in virtual form. Like the college as a whole, and in the true meaning of the word “college”, it is not intended to dispense approved ideas de haut en bas but to provide a forum for everyone with things to say. In “pop-up” form we also stage and otherwise take part in many kinds of meetings at many kinds of venue and we intend to do many more, and one day we might have our own premises and farm (see “About Us”). Always we seek to collaborate with others of like mind, from individual farmers and cooks to local groups, to grand institutions. Conviviality is the goal and collaboration is the key. The endeavour is serious – none more so – but it’s fun. So please join the party.

Colin Tudge, April 2016

This website is a work in progress. What you see is just the beginning – we intend to flesh it out with many additions, from Colin and others, so watch this space!